Board & Officers

doinidisSTEVE DOINIDIS | President

Steve “Tigger” Doinidis was born in the winter chill of Michigan. A hockey player growing up, he competed in his first triathlon in 2012 on a mountain bike with zero practice in the pool. He moved to Santa Cruz in early 2013 for his beautiful wife, Sara, and the sunshine!

When he’s not training, you’ll find Steve out surfing or swimming in the ocean, climbing a local crag or escaping into the redwoods of Nisene Marks State Park.

JEFF BYARD | Secretary & Treasurer

Jeff almost broke his bathroom scale in 2009.  After resuming biking and dabbling in some short runs to lose weight, he joined SCTA’s Nu2Tri program in January of 2011.  He enjoyed training with a group and still enjoys that even more than races.

Battling some injuries and time constraints, he hopes to resume his racing career and extend his streak of non-podium finishes.  Instead, to get up close and personal with the podium, he built the podium for the Santa Cruz Triathlon in his woodworking shop.

sicolaANTHONY SICOLA | Marketing & Communications Director

Anthony came to the sport after being challenged by friends to complete an Olympic-distance triathlon in one year. Being sorely out-of-shape, overweight, and not very athletic, Anthony joined the Nu2Tri Program in 2014 and quickly fell in love with the sport and lost 50 pounds in the process.

Since then, he’s completed four sprint races, three Olympic-distance events, three half marathons, two RAGNAR Relays, four IRONMAN® 70.3 races, and IRONMAN® Arizona!

molessNICK MOLESS | Sponsorship & Clothing Director

Nick Moless graduated from Nu2Tri in 2010 and has been hooked on Triathlon ever since.  He has completed 12 full distance triathlons, eight half distance, and numerous Olympic and Sprint events.  He likes bubbles and kittens and dislikes hunger and rain.



CATHY YOON | Membership & Social Events Director

Cathy Yoon first heard about SCTA during a Nu2Tri information meeting in 2012.  On a dare from a friend, she signed up for Nu2Tri Class of 2012 not knowing how to bike.  During the first bike clinic, she got on a member’s mountain bike and biked around the parking lot with SCTA members supporting her every step of the way.

She has since completed four Ironman 70.3s and finished IRONMAN Arizona 2015!  When not training for a triathlon, she is running RAGNAR relays.

LAUREN COONEY | Nu2Tri Director

Lauren joined SCTA Nu2Tri in 2015, and got hooked on exploring the land and sea of Santa Cruz with an awesome group of people! She also loves that triathlon supports her fourth sport: eating. When she’s not training, you’ll find her playing with her dog and robots.

reamerJENNA REAMER | Nu2Tri Director

Jenna got into triathlon in 2015 after accidentally signing up for a race and realizing she was way in over her head. After completing Nu2Tri in 2015, and mentoring in 2016, she is very excited to be a Nu2Tri Coordinator for the upcoming year.

JON ERSKINE | Workout Director

Jon is the only current member of the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association to race in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. The Big Island! He has also raced the IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia!

Jon came to triathlon with an extensive background in bike racing and running. You’ll find Jon crushing his enemies out on the race course.

cerskineCHRISTINE ERSKINE | Director

Christine has been participating in triathlons, marathons, half marathons and other races since 2000.  She moved to Santa Cruz and joined SCTA Nu2Tri in 2009.  Since she loves volunteering every last minute of spare time, she decided to work with the SCTA board and the Nu2Tri Program.  Besides plucking dog and cat fur off her race gear, she also enjoys photography, boring people with details of her garden, and traveling the ocean blue.

MARTIN SPIERINGS | High Performance Manager

Martin was an accomplished age group triathlete before he got married and had kids…which he blames for destroying his career. Before his demise he won two triathlons; the Sandman Triathlon in 2006 and the Santa Cruz Sprint Triathlon in 2008– but that one was only because Tommy Zafares took a wrong turn and got disqualified. When he’s not trying to make another failed athletic comeback, he enjoys being snarky on Facebook and living vicariously through the triathletes he coaches.

MOLLIE BEHN | Volunteer Director

Mollie joined Nu2Tri in 2016 as a way to physically challenge herself, get to know people in the area, and explore Santa Cruz. Having lived in six different states in the last 10 years, Mollie enjoys being part of the sport for each community she lived in, including rowing, biking, and rugby. Triathlon was the natural sport for Santa Cruz as it takes advantage of the incredible natural places in the area. Instantly addicted to the physical and mental challenge of triathlon, she’s completed two sprints and one olympic distance race and is training to get her first IRONMAN® 70.3 under her belt. 

When not training, you’ll find Mollie hiking or teaching youth about the environment. 

vaughnDUSTIN VAUGHN | Director

Originally from Arkansas this Razorback made his triathlon debut in 2016.  Showing unparalleled enthusiasm and ridiculous aptitude for the sport, this athlete managed to get on the podium his first year out.  A torn meniscus and ruptured ACL in his last race of the season have created the opportunity to dominate the comeback of a lifetime.