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Mammoth Gran Fondo race report: It was EPIC!

After a week of training with CTS at altitude which including two infamous climbs (Rock Creek and Tioga Pass), we enjoyed the Mammoth Gran Fondo.

Over the entire week, we rode over 250 miles with over 20,000 feet of climbing.

The Mammoth Gran Fondo was fun, challenging, and breathtaking! With a start and finish elevation of 8,074 feet and 6,643 feet of total climbing. Although there's plenty of uphill climbs on this very scenic route, they are nicely spaced-out with long, fast descents (including some speeds around 51 mph) in between to recharge you for the next one.

I was shooting for a sub-6 hour time this year, but I finished with a 6:42 time with 6:26 of riding time... (I will blame the wind.)

It was EPIC!


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