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Class of 2019 SCTA Juniors Excels At SuperKids Triathlon

After an all-year training program the team of SCTA juniors participated at their home town event, the SuperKids Triathlon held at Simpkins Swim Center. The kids did great, nailed their transitions and had fun!

Race Results

Female Age 12

2nd Guilia D'Souza

3rd Ines D'Souza

4th Bijou Bare

5th Chloe Simon

Male Age 11

4th Noah Solano

Female Age 10

7th Keely DeClercq

11th Neva Lieby

Male Age 9

1st Hayden Spierings

2nd Alex Profumo

Female Age 7

5th Harper DeClercq

Male Age 7

6th Nico Profumo

8th Isaac Solano

Male Age 6

3rd Solly Lieby

Well done kids! Find out more about the SCTA Juniors here.


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