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Santa Cruz 70.3 Race Report

After winning first place in our division in 2017, SCTA came together to win a second place victory this year!

With a 100% start to finish ratio, many thoughts ran through finishers’ minds including feelings of fatigue, gratitude, peace, persistance and victory.

All participants ended the race strong and surpassed their expectations!

Racer Sara Horsley earned 5th place in her age group (Female 45-49) and the 2ND FASTEST HALF TIME IN SCTA HISTORY! 4 seconds off the record. Below you can see Sarah gleaming with excitement.

Annie Warr placed 4th in Female 60-64. Linda Merle Pyle placed 6th in Female 55-59. Kenzie Miller placed 11th in Female 18-24 in her first Half Ironman! Gunnar Roll placed 16th in Male 50-54, setting a new personal record, and earning 7th All-time fastest in SCTA. Steve Doinidis placed 18th in Male 30-34, earning him 5th All-time fastest in SCTA, as well as beating his personal record! Dave Rodrigues placed 21st in Male 60-64 Martin Spierings placed 24th in Male 40-44 Jeff Tse placed 37th in Male 45-49 Crystal DeClercq placed 45th in Female 35-39 giving herself a new PR! Monica Hernandez successfully placed 49th in Female 25-29 in her first Half Ironman!

Gerardo van den Hoek earned 57th in Male 30-34, setting a new PR for himself. Shawn Abernathy placed 72nd in Male 45-49 and also set a new personal record! Darren Mora placed 73rd in Male 55-59 Relay Team members Dave Liotta, Josh Bjornstad, Jon Erskine. succesfully earned 4th place!

Congratulations on a great race!

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