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March Triathlon Series Race Report

Huge thanks to Martin for his swim help. That is my biggest area in need of improvement. Just started the drills but looking forward to picking up some free speed this season. This race was suppose to be in Cayucos with an ocean swim due to no water in Lake Lopez. Well, water came. It filled the reservoir to the highest level in 4 years and washed out the road of the bike course in Cayucos so the race moved back to its original location. I have to give the college kids organizing this a lot of credit, they went with the flow and made the event happen. It would be great if Tri California would bring back some of their events especially Wildflower and Tinley now that there is water at those venues.

The numbers were definitely the highest in the 3 years I've done this event. The wave that I was in could definitely have been split into 2 groups. No controlled individual starts here like at the Ironman events. It was a bit of a cluster amounting to getting kicked in the eye with goggles leaking and a bit dizzy. Not having been in open water since last year was definitely a bit surreal. I miss those wharf swims now for sure. Out of the swim, and now with a much shorter ramp to run up, it was a breeze into T1. Anyone who's done Wildflower the last several years can identify with the seemingly mile long ramp to the sky, not just 1 but 2 after the 2 mile run.

The bike was good as it's a route that I have done 30 times probably. Somebody comment on why a tri bike climbs so poorly. Whipper snappers would always pass me on the climbs but usually my advantage would be on the flats. Not sure how Cervelo is going to be able to sell their P5x at $15000 and 22 pounds if there are any hills on a race course. The run was pretty tough but a good shock to the system especially for the 1st race of the year. No matter how many bricks I do, my heart rate is always way higher coming into the run in a race. Fun time out though. I was home before noon. Ate a ton and passed out.

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