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Linda's Morgan Hill Triathlon Race Report

1) Highlights from the race – Getting up at 4:15am to head to the race…only kidding. I loved the sense of comradery among the SCTA members (racers and volunteers). I don’t often get out to the practices as I work nights and weekends but loved that everyone was cheering each other on and celebrating everyone’s accomplishments. It was so encouraging to see so much Blue and Yellow out there. Getting 2nd in my age group was pretty sweet too.

2) Challenges/Lessons learned – Coming off of IM Santa Rosa 70.3 I wondered if I was sane signing up for this race last minute but the challenge was more mental then physical. After an IM the hype and adrenaline flow drops kinda low and I felt this is a fun race that I am familiar with so why not, ‘What’s 2+ hour compared to 6+hours?…piece of cake’. Definitely there is work to be done on all the disciplines but especially the swim and transitions.

3) The thing that will stick in your mind about the race – Nick Moless at the finish giving me my medal and me accidentally leaning on his bad shoulder- he never complained.

4) Would you recommend the race – This is the 4th time I’ve done this race and I love it. Highly recommend. Not technical and not too hilly. It is a Super Sprint so recommend being ready for the extra bike and run miles compared to a regular Sprint.

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