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Monte Rio Triathlon

Gerardo at the Monte Rio Triathlon

On June 4th, SCTA was represented by 5 triathletes at the Monte Rio Triathlon. Hear from Gerardo van den Hoek about his experience racing. Congratulations Gerardo and all the SCTA racers! 1) Highlights The SCTA crew! And... The bike course views. I did not expect them and they were a very pleasant surprise. It helped with, the also unexpected, wind and hills at that point. 2) Challenges/lessons learned: It's a bit far, so it requires some planning. Personally I learned to do what I preach. Focus on the present. I did not think about saving legs for the run whilst on the bike. When in other occasions I would've told myself to save some, I pushed. 3) Best memory It's a small/local race feel, but with a high level of competition. Also, being relatively far from SC, seeing the yellow and blue does give you a sense of pride. 4) Do you recommend the race? Yes. Totally. Will do it again next year.

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