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President's Update: Half-year memberships, free gear and sharks.

Hey multisport athletes,

With our new and improved website we have the ability to streamline some of the weekly processes that have been implemented over the past few years. As you may or may not know, the board of the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association is a volunteer position and our time is key! We all work incredibly hard to help keep this association growing in strength, in numbers and in efficiency.

With that said, we will be slowly migrating towards the presidential blog post here from the website with a link sent out within the TriNews on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

A few events are coming up in the near future that I'd like to call out:

- We are pushing out an initiative to remind past SCTA members of the AWESOMENESS that is the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association. We have our mid-year price drop (down to $60) effective July 15th. Help get the word out as with three races coming up in Santa Cruz (Tri Santa Cruz, 70.3 Santa Cruz & our very own Santa Cruz Triathlon), it is incredibly beneficial to prepare on the race course itself.

- With a gracious donation of upwards of $15k of triathlon gear, the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association, spearheaded by Jenna Zeller, will be having a Garage/Donation Sale on July 22! This will be in Jenna's garage and the gear is free, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you donate. More information about the donation HERE!

- There is a Mount Hamilton ride this Sunday. Sounds like a hot, hilly ride to test your Le Tour De France skills! Enjoy the ride and you can check out more details on the Facebook Group Event.

With all of the shark talk going around, just remember to be safe. I am helping with paddle support for Terri Schneider's Open Water Swim clinic and instead of going around the wharf we are just swimming parallel to shore or perhaps a buoy swim.

Everyone has their opinion, but just remember that they're always out there and we're in their playground. Part of the price we pay for living in beautiful Santa Cruz!

Steve Doinidis

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