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President's Update: Time Trials, Turkey Trots, Camping Weekends

Hey everyone!

So many updates, save the dates and shout outs I can barely even control my use of exclamation marks!!(!!!!!)

Last weekend was the culmination of many pros in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. The race looked grueling, hot, long, windy, muggy and painful...but that's what we love about racing! Sort of. The coverage was great and the race played out with many twists along the way.

We would like to introduce everyone to our quarterly time trial program!

The purpose of this is to track your time on a consistent course over an extended period of time. It starts this Sunday with the run...check the Facebook page for event details.

Swim - 500 yd time trial. We will post a week start to finish where you will submit your time. Stay tuned as we're trying to get a team time trial together at Cabrillo!

Bike - Strawberry Time Trial (formerly known as Trafton Road). We have done these in the past and now that the signs are permanent we now have a consistent time trial course. One loop is 6 miles and two is 12, your choice.

Run - West Cliff 10k/5k. We will start at the rear entrance to Natty Bridges off Delaware and Natural Bridges. 10k will run to the loop before the three way stop sign of Bay Avenue and the 5k will turn around at precisely 1.55 miles (2.5k).

Again, the purpose of these is to track your times from quarter to quarter to see how you're progressing, how your heart rate reacts to surges, proper warm up prior to a strong run/ride. All of these times will be kept in a database for your consumption.

We are really excited about these!

Looks like we have one last race of the year (outside of Palm Springs...has anyone ever done that race?) down in Morro Bay. Check the Facebook page for the discount code and link up with someone for carpooling. Always a beautiful race and running in that sand always saps the legs!

The Santa Cruz Track Club has graciously extended a discount code (check the Facebook page) for their Turkey Trot on Nov. 18! Super nice of the club and ensure you thank Diane Delucchi when you see her at the race (purple hair). What better way to start off your holiday just before Thanksgiving than by running a 10k or 5k here in town with some of your best friends! Get in that run before you stuff your face with turkey (or for us non-meat eaters...I got nothing...).

Nick Moless, business analyst of SCTA, did some analysis on the results of 2016 and what he found is astonishing!

2016 5k runners - 114

2016 10k runners - 74

That's 120 podium spots for 188 runners.

So show up and claim your podium spot!!

We are now getting ready to ramp up for Nu2Tri so if you know ANYONE that is interested in triathlon, talk about how amazing the Nu2Tri program is, how friendly our club is and how much fun we have!


10/27 - WILDDUDE Camping Weekend down at Lake San Antonio. Get pumped for WildFlower!

12/16 - End of the Year Banquet (Party!). Members free ($20 for non-members) @ The Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab.

We are looking to update our pop-up tent and banners. These are both quite expensive undertakings so before we head out to make this purchase, we wanted to reach out to the club to see if anyone has any connections or wants to sponsor. Great way to display your logo as well as fly the SCTA logo/colors.

Lastly, I want to personally thank Crystal, Jenna and Lauren for their amazing contributions, gathering donations and then the drive that Crystal and Jenna made today. It is amazing how when a disaster occurs these strong women drop everything they're doing for this cause because that's the right thing to do. Best of luck and we're sorry for everybody in the far north bay region.

Steve Doinidis

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