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President's Update: Year-End Party, SC Tri school funding and Nu2Tri!

Hey all you awesome peeps!

As I am nursing a plantar faciitis injury, I would like to remind everybody that as we approach the winter training season to think hard about playing it safe, not ramping up the miles too fast or going out on rides/runs that may be too far for where your endurance is really at. Yes, we want to crush the NCC Winter Challenge...but let's remember that our primary goal is our first "A" race of the year...whether that's Wildflower or IM Santa Rosa or Half Moon Bay or Morgan Hill. Keep the goal in mind and use this time to build up those base miles and HIT THE GYM!

Last weekend's Pie Ride was super filling and berry-delicious! Some flat tires, some apple cider burps half-way up Eureka, but all smiles!

The Santa Cruz Triathlon team results came in and we placed 2nd place! Congratulations! Thank you to all of the volunteers (and to our Volunteer Director, Mollie!!). With those positions filled, we were able to rock the most beautiful race in the country and place 2nd!

Now the Santa Cruz Triathlon, owned by us SCTA, is a fellow non-profit and at the end of the season was able to donate a whopping $64,000 to athletic programs from all different aspects throughout the county. $64,000!!!! That's incredible!!

Team Time Trials:

A great run turnout and the Strawberry Time Trial was a success! We are working on the final aspect of the time trial, the swim!

Just one month away we'll be ramping up the 10k/5k run back on West Cliff again. Get ready!


Congratulations to everybody that races CIM! #26 for the master himself, Darren Mora. We love you, buddy! Nice work for the entire family.


The 2018 Nu2Tri program is ramping up!

- Jan 18 6:30pm Nu2Tri Mentor Meeting. Interested in being a mentor? We'll be discussing mentor responsibilities and benefits. If you've done at least one triathlon, you likely have more knowledge than you realize to share with the next crop of triathletes and SCTA members!!

RSVP here or email us to confirm so we have enough food!

- DONATIONS are needed to help jump start the new group's gear. If you have anything that could be useful (synthetic workout clothing, bikes and bike gear, wetsuits, etc) please bring to the general meeting, Nu2Tri kickoff, or mentor meeting. Please keep in mind we are only collecting stuff that is still in good condition and useful to a new member.

- Jan 22 6:30pm Nu2Tri Information Night at Spokesman Bicycles: Please invite any new prospects to the Information Night!

RSVP here

Please email if you have any questions!


- 12/14 - Thursday night spin picks back up @ Spokesman Bicycles. Ready to rock and roll with Stephan @ 6:30pm.

- 12/16 - End of the Year Banquet (Party!). Members free ($20 for non-members) @ The Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab. Please pay beforehand! No cash at the door!

- 01/15 - SCTA General Meeting. We are working on some AMAZING speakers so be sure to show up. More raffles than you can believe!

- 01/22 - Nu2Tri Kickoff Meeting!

Updates from the President:

I'd like to introduce the board of directors for the 2018 season!

o Steve Doinidis

o Jeff Byard

o Jon Erskine

o Nick Moless

o Cathy Yoon

o Dustin Vaughn

o Shawn Abernathy

o Crystal DeClercq

o Martin Spierings

o Mollie Behn

o Anthony Sicola

Lastly, I want to update everyone on some changes for the club in 2018 and moving forward. We have been discussing this for well over a year now and we have decided to increase our rates:

o Annual membership from $90/$100 to $125.

o Family membership from $180 to $200.

o Nu2Tri membership from $200 to $225.

o Student membership from $60 to $75.

If you have ANY questions on this please come talk to me during our club workouts, the Year-End Party or email me directly at

Steve Doinidis

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