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Triathlon and I: What can Nu2Tri do for you?

I joined the Nu2Tri program in 2015 because I had signed up for a triathlon and knew I was in way over my head. I was a slow but competent runner, had done some commuter biking, and was basically sufficient at doggy paddling. Nu2Tri helped me dramatically improve my abilities in all three sports, as well as finish my goal race. However, the biggest and most life-changing benefit was that the program expanded my horizons to what I could achieve.

My breakthrough moment was when I went on a last minute bike ride with two other SCTA members. We were only going to go to Davenport, but then they decided to continue on to Pigeon Point (about 50 miles round trip). I almost chickened out; my longest ride to date was about half that distance, and I had no confidence in my ability.

My teammates said they would help me along the way (and share a sandwich as I didn’t bring enough food!), so I took a nervous gulp and decided to push on with them. The feeling when we arrived at the lighthouse, and when we made it back to my car was overwhelming. I was amazed that I achieved a goal I never knew I even had, and was blown away by the amount of support and guidance from my new team members.

So: What can Nu2Tri do for you? Every year, we get a wide range of participants to the program, from folks who are just discovering their fitness, to people who are competitive in any of the three sports. Most have the goal of completing their first triathlon.

You already know that triathlon is made up of three primary sports: swim, bike and run. You’ll also often hear phrases like, “X is the fourth sport of triathlon”, where X is:

  • Transition (how you get from the swim to bike, and bike to run portions)

  • Nutrition

  • Mental toughness

  • Recovery, etc

It can get overwhelming to bring together all the moving parts that make up a triathlon, especially at the same time that you’re trying to improve your fitness in swim-bike-run. The benefit of the Nu2Tri program is that we know how to break up these elements and walk you through them, step by step. We’ll hold clinics and workouts in each of the disciplines, with stellar coaches who have seen it all and go out of their way to help the Nu2Tri members.

We also teach you how to put all of the components together, from nutrition discussions, to ‘bricks’ and transition clinics, and strength and recovery workouts to avoid injury. You’ll also have a community of 150+ triathletes in the SCTA to give you support, both at workouts and with your assigned mentor.

The highlight of the program is a graduation triathlon. We put together a ‘super sprint’ distance race for you to put all of your hard work together and execute in mock race.

It is such a joy to see the improvement in every athlete at the end of the program.

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