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SCTA Wildflower Triathlons Club Competition Preview

In my opinion, SCTA is sending it's GREATEST TEAM EVER down to Lake San Antonio this year. With the new event website some of the history of the team results have been lost but they have retained the 3 club competitions they've had previously and I have a record of how SCTA has done previously!

Tri-Club Challenge

From the website:

The three clubs with the most accumulated points from all club members for the weekend will receive custom awards.

Scoring: 5 points for each finisher. Then for each 1st – 10th place age group finisher, they receive points in the following manner:

1st place gets 10 pts, 2nd get 9 pts, etc… 10th place gets 1 pts.

Add up all points for all team members to determine the team score.

My take:

This is a hard one to win as it heavily favors the big participation clubs like L.A. and San Diego but with our big presence this year we should at least PR and crack the Top 10. It's not exactly clear which events are eligible for points.


2017: Not held

2016: 27th 2015: 29th 2014: 56th 2013: 22nd 2012: 22nd 2011: 10th 2010: 18th 2009: 30th

Tri-Team 6 Pack Challenge

From the website:

The top three triathlon teams with the highest point total from their best three male and three female participants will receive a plaque.

My take:

This should actually read "lowest combined time" of the best three male and three female participants. Previously this was done for both Olympic and Long Course events. We have a great chance in doing well in both with the depth of stars we are sending down this year.


Long Course event:

2012: 13th 2010: 12th

Olympic Distance event:

2013: 20th

2011: 13th

2010: 18th

Martin Spierings - SCTA High Performance Manager.

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